Who we are

Our people and their contact details. Click on an individual to find out more about their role and expertise.

Getting in touch with us

Edinburgh Research Office staff are working in a hybrid manner. Please contact us by email in the first instance.


Director of Edinburgh Research Office

Name Role Email
Dr Lorna Thomson Director, Edinburgh Research Office lorna.thomson@ed.ac.uk

Administration Team

Name Role Email
Beatriz Barreto Saalfeld PA to Director of Edinburgh Research Office Beatriz.Saalfeld@ed.ac.uk
Ellen Carter Research Office Administrator ecarter4@ed.ac.uk
Anne Newlands Research Support Administrator anne.newlands@ed.ac.uk

Engagement and Communications

Name Role Email
Laura Cockram Head of Engagement and Communications laura.cockram@ed.ac.uk
Grace Harvey Events and Communications Administrator grace.harvey@ed.ac.uk
Sarah Thomas Communications Officer Sarah.Thomas@ed.ac.uk
Sarah Vernon Communications Support Officer Sarah.Vernon@ed.ac.uk

Research Funding Team

Name Role Email
Anna Anderson Clinical Research Funding Coordinator anna.anderson@ed.ac.uk
Dr. Martina Astolfi Research Funding Specialist mastolfi@ed.ac.uk
Mary Bailes Research Funding Specialist Mary.Bailes@ed.ac.uk
Dr Barbara Bartocci Research Funding Specialist Barbara.Bartocci@ed.ac.uk
Dr Laura Bonsall Research Funding Specialist laura.bonsall@ed.ac.uk
Sasha Carcassonne Research Funding Specialist scarcass@ed.ac.uk
Hannah Chater Kirk Senior Research Funding Specialist Hannah.Chater@ed.ac.uk
Helen Cross Research Funding Specialist helen.cross@ed.ac.uk
Dr Boleslaw Czarnecki Interim Portfolio & Proposal Development Lead (EU & International) boleslaw.czarnecki@ed.ac.uk
Dr Natasha Dorling Senior Research Funding Specialist (EU & International) Natasha.Dorling@ed.ac.uk
Nicholas Duvall Research Funding Manager Nicholas.Duvall@ed.ac.uk
Emma Giles Senior Research Funding Specialist emma.giles@ed.ac.uk
David Hay Clinical Research Funding Specialist dhay33@ed.ac.uk
Dr Jennifer Hazelton Head of Research Funding jennifer.hazelton@ed.ac.uk
Amelia Judge Research Funding Specialist Amelia.Judge@ed.ac.uk
Daria Kitaeva Research Funding Specialist Daria.Kitaeva@ed.ac.uk
Ina Lindsay Research Bid Development Manager Ina.Lindsay@ed.ac.uk
Dr Theoni Massara Research Project Manager theoni.massara@ed.ac.uk
Georgios Matrakas Research Funding Specialist george.matrakas@ed.ac.uk
Dr Jochen F. Mayer Research Funding Specialist Jochen.Mayer@ed.ac.uk
Megan McGrath Clinical Research Funding Specialist mmcgrat3@ed.ac.uk
Dawne Milligan Clinical Research Funding Specialist dawne.milligan@ed.ac.uk
Dr Angus Moodycliffe UK Research Funding Manager Angus.Moodycliffe@ed.ac.uk
Gillian-F. Mutanga Research Funding Specialist Gillian.Mutanga@ed.ac.uk
Annie Lovett Research Bid Development Executive Annie.Lovett@ed.ac.uk
Dr Alia Rodrigues Research Funding Specialist alia.rodrigues@ed.ac.uk
Dr Juliane Schroeder Research Funding Specialist Juliane.Schroeder@ed.ac.uk
Dr Elisabetta Spano Research Bid Development Executive (International) elisabetta.spano@ed.ac.uk
Angela Sturniolo Research Support Officer angela.sturniolo@ed.ac.uk
Melina Tsiknaki Research Funding Specialist Melina.Tsiknaki@ed.ac.uk
Charis Wilson Senior Research Funding Specialist charis.wilson@ed.ac.uk

Research Grants Team

Name Role Email
Mr Felipe Aceituno Dorrego Research Grants Support Officer Felipe.Aceituno@ed.ac.uk
Rizwaan Akhtar Research Grants - Post Award (International Grants SCE & CAHSS) Rizwaan.Akhtar@ed.ac.uk
Luke Baker Research Grants Administrator lbaker2@ac.ed.uk
Mrs Marieke Blair Research Grants Administrator M.Blair@ed.ac.uk
Agnes Burgermeister Research Grants Administrator agnes.burgermeister@ed.ac.uk
Zayed Chowdhury Research Grant Administrator zayed.chowdhury@ed.ac.uk
Anna Cieslik Research Grants Administrator anna.cieslik@ed.ac.uk
Ellie Cockram Research Grants Support Officer ecockram@ed.ac.uk
Stuart Dalgliesh Research Grants Administrator stuart.dalgliesh@ed.ac.uk
Steven Docherty Research Grants Administrator Steven.Docherty@ed.ac.uk
Elaine Fortune Research Grants Administrator Elaine.Fortune@ed.ac.uk
Jonathan Gordon Research Finance Manager - UK Grants Team jonathan.gordon@ed.ac.uk
Laura Hurrie Research Grants Administrator laura.hurrie@ed.ac.uk
Leo Koutsopoulos Research Grants Administrator
Loukia Koutsoventi Research Finance Manager (EU & International) Loukia.Koutsoventi@ed.ac.uk
Jennifer Lambert Research Finance Manager jennifer.lambert@ed.ac.uk
Linda Lane Research Grants Administrator Linda.Lane@ed.ac.uk
Barbara Lindfield Research Grants Administrator barbara.lindfield@ed.ac.uk
Libby McCue Head of Research Finance Libby.McCue@ed.ac.uk
Emma Munro Research Grants Administrator Emma.Munro@ed.ac.uk
Una Murray Research Grants Administrator una.murray@ed.ac.uk
Arti Nair Deputy Research Finance Manager- UK arti.nair@ed.ac.uk
Cristiana Nicoletti Deputy Research Finance Manager cristiana.nicoletti@ed.ac.uk
Kyra Parry Research Grants Administrator kparry@ed.ac.uk
Kyle Paterson Research Grants Support Administrator
Delphine Perret Research Grants Administrator delphine.perret@ed.ac.uk
Jane Robertson Research Grants Administrator jane.robertson@ed.ac.uk
Katie Robertson Research Grants Administrator Katie.Robertson@ed.ac.uk
Ms Eirini Souri Deputy Research Finance Manager - EU & International Eirini.Souri@ed.ac.uk
Didem Kaner Ural Research Grants Administrator didem.kaner@ed.ac.uk
Kathryn Williamson Research Grants Administrator kathryn.williamson@ed.ac.uk
Julie Wrightson Deputy Research Finance Manager - UK Julie.Wrightson@ed.ac.uk
Ellen Yan Research Grants Administrator ellen.yan@ed.ac.uk

Research Contracts Team

Name Role Email
Emma Becucci Contracts Officer ebecucci@ed.ac.uk
Kat Boczek Contracts Support Officer kat.boczek@ed.ac.uk
Carolyn Brown Contracts Support Officer carolyn.brown@ed.ac.uk
Ann Greybe Senior Contracts Manager Ann.Greybe@ed.ac.uk
Susana Guzman Contracts Officer Susana.Guzman@ed.ac.uk
Oluwaseun Lawal MCIArb, SMR Contracts Manager olawal@ed.ac.uk
Katarina MacDonald Tomolova Senior Contracts Manager Katarina.Tomolova@ed.ac.uk
Laura Main Contracts Support Officer laura.main@ed.ac.uk
Caitlin O'Hare Solicitor / Contracts Officer cohare@ed.ac.uk
Kwadwo Koree Ohemeng-Boakye Senior Contracts Manager kk.ohemengboakye@ed.ac.uk
Alan Shanks Solicitor, Head of Research Contracts allan.shanks@ed.ac.uk
Martina Vajsova Senior Contracts Manager Martina.Vajsova@ed.ac.uk
Maria Val Fernandez Solicitor, Contracts Manager maria.val@ed.ac.uk
Annie Vozar Contracts Manager annie.vozar@ed.ac.uk

Research Governance, Compliance & Risk Team

Strategic Research Development Team

Name Role Email
Patricia Amillos Research Insights Analyst patricia.amillos@ed.ac.uk
Dr Charlotte Brady Strategic Research Executive charlotte.brady@ed.ac.uk
Dr Susan Cooper Strategic Research Executive (Research Policy) Susan.Cooper@ed.ac.uk
Al Innes (he/him) Strategic Research Executive (Development) al.innes@ed.ac.uk
Abby McQueen Strategic Research Executive (Analytics) abby.mcqueen@ed.ac.uk
Jonathan Rans Strategic Research Executive j.rans@ed.ac.uk
Dr Conor Snowden Strategic Research Executive (International Development) conor.snowden@ed.ac.uk

Research Engagement and Impact Team

Name Role Email
Dr Stanislava Dikova Research Impact Manager (CAHSS) s.dikova@ed.ac.uk
Dr Mara Götz Research Engagement and Impact Administrator mara.goetz@ed.ac.uk
Dr Anne Sofie Laegran Head of Research Impact a.s.laegran@ed.ac.uk
Victoria Lindström Research Impact Manager (CSE) victoria.lindstrom@ed.ac.uk
Tracy Ann Lonie Public Engagement Administrator Tracy.Lonie@ed.ac.uk
Dr Lena Lorenz CMVM Research Impact Manager lena.lorenz@ed.ac.uk
Dr Shonagh McEwan Policy Engagement with Research Manager shonagh.mcewan@ed.ac.uk
Dr Fiona Murray Public Engagement Coordinator f.murray@ed.ac.uk
Taryn Murray Research Engagement & Impact Coordinator taryn.murray@ed.ac.uk