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How To Diversify Your Funding Sources (Central location session)

This workshop is aimed at researchers who are looking to broaden their portfolio of funders, re-work unsuccessful applications, or develop skills to allow you to position your research for a variety of funding options.



The workshop aspires to yield the following outcomes for participants:  

  1. Enhanced comprehension of varied funding landscapes.  
  2. Proficiency in the strategic application of the "Minimum Viable Project" concept - Proficient utilisation of the Research Project Canvas for adaptable research planning.  
  3. Discernment of the distinct characteristics sought by different funders.  
  4. Diversifying your portfolio 
  5. Comfortable and encouraging those familiar with one funder to move to another 
  6. De-risking, and broadening your options 

Please note this event is in-person.

This event will also be held in the morning in King's Building campus location