Competency framework for research funding

The competency framework for research funding sets out and defines the skills, knowledge and behaviours that researchers need to win research funding.

Researcher Development for Research Funding

Researcher Development for Research Funding is a learning and development hub, designed to give you the skills you need to write competitive, and ultimately successful, research funding applications. You will find learning resources related to the following research funding competencies:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Understanding and Influencing Funding
  • Proposal Writing​​​​

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The complete framework comprises ten competencies and spans the range of academic career levels. It is underpinned by two core principles:

  1. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, and
  2. Research Integrity.

Who is it for?

The competency framework for research funding is designed for:

  • Researchers – as a tool to help you evaluate and plan your route to research funding success
  • Managers of researchers – as a resource to help you in your role supporting the career development of researchers
  • Research management professionals – as a resource to help you in your planning and provision of research funding development opportunities

How to use the competency framework for research funding


  • Review the academic career-levels. Which one best fits your current funding track record?
  • For each competency, read the associated skills, knowledge and behaviours and make an assessment of where you are.
  • In which areas do you excel?  Where do you need to develop your competence?

Planning your professional development

  • Reflect on your research funding goals. Do you aspire to win your first grant, consolidate your funding portfolio, or win a large grant? 
  • Identify the competencies you need to develop in order to reach your funding goals.
  • Use the framework to look for learning opportunities and to structure career development conversations with your line manager. 

Download the framework

Read the below user guide to understand the competency framework.




Competency Framework for Research Funding Table