Taking part in co-creation sessions for research improvement

As part of Good Research Practice week you have the opportunity to take part in four themed co-creation sessions for research improvement. Find out what to expect at these sessions and how you can take part.

The sessions are open to University of Edinburgh researchers, postgraduate research students, technicians, research support professional services colleagues and others engaged in the University’s research community.

What to expect at the co-creation sessions for research improvement   

These co-creation sessions are collaborative workshops where researchers, postgraduate research students, technicians, and research support professional services colleagues from the University of Edinburgh come together to identify current barriers to performing our best research, and to suggest possible solutions which might be piloted in research improvement projects.   

Participants will work together to:   

  • Identify problems related to the session's broad theme   

  • Develop possible solutions to these problems   

  • Plan research improvement projects to implement these solutions   

Research improvement teams will be formed during the session by bringing together those with similar priorities. Each team will present their project idea and a winning project will be selected by everyone present at the session.  The winning project will be awarded a small budget to enable a team to test the idea. This implementation team will be made up of interested volunteers from all participants, not just the originators of that proposal.   

The goal of these co-creation sessions is to develop and implement improvements driven by our research community’s priorities.  

Co-creation sessions are a valuable opportunity for members of the research community to come together and share their ideas on how to improve research at the University of Edinburgh. By participating in a co-creation session, you can have a direct impact on the future of research at the University.  

The session themes   

  • Robustness, reproducibility and replication in research 

  • The challenges we face responsibly using AI tools in research 

  • Sustainability in research 

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion 

Find out more and register to attend the sessions of your choice