What is export control?

UK export control refers to a set of legal restrictions on the transfer of certain goods, technology, software and knowledge from the United Kingdom to a destination or destinations outside the UK.

Export controls are designed to restrict the export and communication of sensitive technology or strategic goods, with the aim of preventing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) proliferation and countering international threats such as terrorism.

The controls apply to the academic community (including researchers at the University of Edinburgh) in the same way as any organisation.

Export could include the physical movement of goods or the transfer of software, data, technology or know how by any means (including verbal or electronic transfer). Export of controlled items can occur in a variety of activities such as academic and commercial collaborations, teaching, consultancy and licensing activities and even travelling to a third country overseas with a laptop which contains controlled items.

If your work falls under the export control legislation then a licence may be required in order to continue.

The Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) administers the UK’s system of export controls and licensing for military and dual-use items.

Export Control Joint Unit website