How we can help

At the ‘craft your application’ stage, we work closely with colleagues in your local Research Office to provide you with the supporting roots that enable your idea to grow and blossom.

Tailored support, in conjunction with your local Research Office

Winning research funding is a team effort. Together with colleagues in local Research Offices, we provide you with the expertise that will help you secure research funding.

If there is a local Research Office where you work, we work closely with colleagues there. Together we can help with all aspects of research grant proposal preparation and submission. 

Colleagues in your local Research Office will be able to advise you on local requirements and deadlines, and on the application process a funder requires you to follow.

Research Funding Specialists:

  • Are networked across the University to provide the best advice to researchers no matter their domain or need.
  • Work together to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of many research projects.
  • Are the first point of contact for research proposal submissions.
  • Disseminate information and advice on funding sources.
  • Provide costings for research proposals, including liaison with other institutions for collaborative proposals.
  • Help draft and proofread non-technical aspects of proposals, e.g. Justification of Resources (JoR).
  • Provide layman’s critique for technical aspects of research proposals.
  • Check scheme compliance and provide advice on eligibility criteria.
  • Arrange mock interviews.
  • Help draft and secure signatures on letters of support.
  • Process funder and collaboration agreements.
  • Run training events and workshops.
  • Conduct due diligence on research institutions and charities.

If you do not have a local Research Office, contact your Research Funding Specialist.

Find my local Research Office and my Research Funding Specialist

Read previous successful funding applications

We offer access to successful applications to our researchers, to provide inspiration and real-life examples to colleagues in the process of crafting their own application.

Successful research funding applications (University staff only) 

Developing impact within your research proposal

We can advise you on developing and crafting your pathway to impact within your research application. This will help strengthen your application and improve your chances of winning research funding.

Research impact advice

Helping you put a research contract in place

Putting in place research contracts can be a complex process. Our experts are here to to provide help for everyone involved in putting research contracts in place.

Research contracts advice