Strategic Research Development Team

We work with researchers and research leaders across the University to provide expert insights into funding opportunities and the wider funding environment. We ensure individuals, Centres, Schools, Colleges and the University are best placed to win research funding.


  • Predict, communicate and facilitate effective academic engagement with funding opportunities.
  • Provide research development support for key initiatives at College level or University-wide e.g. themes, centres, target populations or with specific schools.
  • Provide a rich evidence base for research decision making at University level through the provision of quantitative and qualitative information and analytics.
  • Provide a coherent academic talent strategy in relation to research funding.
  • Design and deliver projects intended to address specific challenges or opportunities within the University’s research environment.
  • Provide specialist knowledge and expertise on International Development and Global Challenges Research Funding.


Name Role Email
Patricia Amillos Research Insights Analyst
Dr Charlotte Brady Strategic Research Executive
Dr Susan Cooper Strategic Research Executive (Research Policy)
Ross Hamilton Research Insights Analyst
Al Innes (he/him) Strategic Research Executive (Development)
Abby McQueen Strategic Research Executive (Analytics)
Andy Olejnik     

Research Support Officer
Jonathan Rans Strategic Research Executive
Dr Conor Snowden Interim Head of International Research Engagement
Dr Boleslaw Czarnecki International Research Engagement Manager