Research Ethics and Integrity Review Group (REIRG)

Information on the University of Edinburgh Research Ethics and Integrity Review Group

The Research Ethics and Integrity Review Group (REIRG) was established by the University’s Research Policy Group in autumn 2014 to ensure that research integrity and governance has a strong profile at Edinburgh and is firmly embedded in the University’s ethos and culture.

REIRG ensures compliance with the UUK Concordat to Support Research Integrity of which the four national Higher Education Funding Bodies, Research Councils UK, UUK, the National Institute for Health Research, and Wellcome Trust, are all signatories. REIRG also monitors University level information on all aspects of integrity and ethics so that it is visible and up to date.

REIRG ensures the University identifies key individuals for handling issues of research misconduct as required under the terms of the UUK concordat and is establishing a virtual community of individuals involved with promoting good research practice.  REIRG promotes awareness and training in integrity and ethics through the Institute of Academic Development.  This is in addition the training provided at a local school level.

REIRG is the University’s point of contact with the UK Research Integrity Office.

REIRG has developed a new University Ethics Policy, which was approved by University Executive in December 2022.

You can access the policy here: 

University of Edinburgh Research Ethics Policy


REIRG Terms of Reference

REIRG terms of reference (537.8 KB / PDF)

REIRG Membership

REIRG is chaired by the Director of Edinburgh Research Office, Dr Lorna Thomson. 

Membership includes senior members of academic staff, the University’s Academic Lead for Research Integrity and Improvement, the three College Research Officers, the University Records Manager, the Assistant Director of the Institute for Academic Development and the secretary to Research Strategy Group, who is a member of Edinburgh Research Office staff.

REIRG membership also includes representatives of the University’s Early Career Researcher community, as well as staff who provide information, advice and guidance in the area of Health and Health-related research and research involving animals.

Research Governance Office provides information, advice and guidance about Health and Health Related research and ensures we meet the highest ethical standards relating to this areas of research.

Bioresearch and Veterinary Services provides information, advice and guidance relating to research involving animals and are responsible for the day to day management of the University's facilities, ensuring we adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare.