Moray Endowment Fund

Funding to support original research in any discipline awarded via an annual competition.

The 2023 deadline has now passed.  2024 deadline to be announced

About the fund

The Moray Endowment Fund is intended to support original research in any discipline and has an annual income of approximately £25,000.

Funds are awarded via an annual competition, the closing date for which is usually in November. No awards are made outwith the competition period.

The Fund will support:

  • Pump-priming of research projects to attract outside support.
  • Topping-up funds for research projects, for which support has been exhausted.
  • Support requests for lab consumables as long as they are project specific and not part of common stock within the school.
  • Support towards travelling expenses in cases where this is vital to the successful completion of a project.

The Fund will not support:

  • Applications which, it is clear, could be funded from other sources.
  • Applications to fund something which, it is obvious, will happen anyway.
  • Applications where the costings are insufficiently clear and detailed.
  • Applications where funds requested cannot be fully spent by 31st July.
  • Subsistence and accommodation.
  • PhD students who have already received 3 years full funding to do their PhD.
  • New Applications and changes submitted outwith the annual competition.

Value of awards

Grants awarded are usually for less than £2,000 but can be for more in exceptional circumstances.


Please Note: PhD students are not eligible if they have already received 3 years full funding to do their PhD.

Application procedure

Call for applications opens in September and the deadline is in November of each year. Applicants are required to complete the Application Form, append a statement of support from their Head of Academic Unit or supervisor,  and submit one copy of the documentation electronically Edinburgh Research Office with ‘Moray Fund Application’ in subject title.


Once applications have been received, they are forwarded to the appropriate College to be considered in the College-internal ranking. The top ten applications from each College will then be considered by the Moray Endowment Committee.

Applicants will normally be advised of the outcome of their applications within six weeks of the application deadline date.

Applications must be accompanied by a signed statement of support letter attached from your head of unit i.e.Supervisor, Head of the Unit/Lab.

Late applications will not be accepted.

Changes to applications will not be accepted after the deadline date.

Award holder's report form

As indicated in award letters, those who received an award are required to submit, 1-2 page report no later than 30 September in the year after award issued.



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