Interdisciplinary research

Resources and information about interdisciplinary research.

We have developed and collated information and resources for researchers on interdisciplinary research. You can view them on our Edinburgh Research Office Insights & Intelligence SharePoint site.

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These resources below have been collected depending on level of experience with interdisciplinary research:

Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research

If you are new to interdisciplinary research we offer an entry-level guide, video and reading list which introduce the key terms and concepts, giving you a grounding in the theory and practice of interdisciplinarity. Alongside these is a self-reflection exercise to help you begin to think about how interdisciplinary methods might complement your research approach.

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Case studies of Interdisciplinary Research Careers

For those thinking of how to develop a career in interdisciplinary research, we have case studies of academics who have done so which offer universal lessons for all. This includes a series of studies focusing on the careers of University of Edinburgh interdisciplinary researchers.

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Resources for Principal Investigators

When it comes time to writing a bid for funding, we have examples of previously successful applications from UoE academics for interdisciplinary projects. We also provide a library resource list of publications on interdisciplinary studies which you can reference in your application.

If you are developing an interdisciplinary research idea, applying for funding or managing an interdisciplinary project, we also have resources that can help you.

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Resources for Research Leaders

We provide landscape reports, strategic guides and policy examples for researchers with leadership roles and responsibility for nurturing interdisciplinarity in research units, like centres, networks or thematic clusters.

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Further information

If you have any queries about these resources please contact Jonathan Rans, Strategic Research Executive.