CMVM Intent to Submit a Research Funding Application

CMVM Principal Investigators (PIs) are recommended to complete an Intent to Submit (ITS) form at least 8 weeks before any grant submission deadline. This process maximises the level of research support provided to PIs through early engagement.

NB - PIs based at Roslin: Please complete the Roslin Concept Note.

Together, colleagues in CMVM Research Centres and Edinburgh Research Office (ERO) are dedicated to offering the best support to help researchers obtain research funding.  

Development of high quality grant proposals which have the highest chance of success requires planning, co-ordination, and team work, often against tight deadlines.  Therefore, PIs are encouraged to complete an Intent to Submit (ITS) form as soon as they have become aware of a call they would like to apply for. 

The form is designed to support the PI during the development of an application by highlighting aspects which need to be considered prior to submission.  It captures all necessary information required by research support colleagues in ERO and the CMVM research centres to help support PIs as early as possible with costings.  

Please note that if you have previously interacted with your Centre Manager/Administrator to get your costings from ERO, then please continue to do so. The Centre Manager/Administrator will complete the Intent to Submit form for you.

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