How we can help

Getting your budget as complete and realistic as possible will help your project go smoothly. Discuss it with us in good time to give you the best chance of having your project funded.

Benefits of a well-developed budget

A correctly-costed project:

  • increases your chance of funding application success
  • minimises the risk of research outcomes not being delivered
  • increases support for your work from your school or department

How we can help

We have specialist knowledge and expertise on budget development. Your Research Funding Specialist will help you compile the most appropriate budget for your project.

So that we can give you the best support, consider these questions before you first contact us.

  • Is the University of Edinburgh the lead on the project? If not, who is?
  • Is your school/department the lead on project? If not, who is?
  • Are there any other organisations involved in the project?
  • Which funder are you applying to? Which call or scheme?
  • Have you read the terms & conditions?
  • What is the application deadline? Is it in 1, 2 or 3 stages?
  • What is the start date and duration of the project?
  • Is there a cap on your budget?

We need a minimum of 5 working days’ notice to review and approve final budgets.

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