The Worktribe Research Management System provides the functionality to manage externally funded research projects

During the development of your project application a record will be created in the Worktribe Research Management System with the planned start date, proposed budget and budget allocations.

On award of your grant the record will be updated for confirmed dates and budgets.


What to expect on Worktribe – your project management tool

Steps from Bid development to Project Live

  • Project Created.
  • Bid Development.
  • Bid Approval.
  • Bid submission.
  • Bid Awaiting Response.
  • Bid Successful – project record updated to granted award.
  • Award Acceptance – transfer from pre-award to post-award.
  • Approval from School and Research Grants Team to move to project setup.
  • Project Setup – Project job code assigned.
  • Project Live – project budget made live on financial systems.


Once your project is live in Worktribe a unique project financial job code is allocated.

Project milestones will be set up to chart out the timelines for reporting and reviews.

A full document repository is accessible storing comprehensive grant information, correspondence, payments, invoices and claim data.

Budget data is maintained and virements and supplements processed reflecting changes applied.


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Worktribe help and training

Worktribe Training

Worktribe User Guide

If you require assitance with access or training in its use please contact:

finance helpline