University policies

Information about internal policies relating to the conduct of research, including research involving animals, human participants or tissue, publications, data, HR, research students, finance and sustainability.

Research carried out under the auspices of the University of Edinburgh should always comply with The UK Research Integrity Office’s Code of Practice for Research. The UKRIO Code of Practice underpins the Universities UK Concordat for Research Integrity.

It is important to note that the University of Edinburgh does not accept research funding from the tobacco industry.

College specific research integrity & ethics policies

Information on each college's research integrity & ethics policies and procedures including information about how to submit a research proposal for ethical approval can be found on the relevant College specific webpages:

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Integrity Webpages College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Research Integrity Webpages College of Science and Engineering Research Integrity Webpages

Research involving animals

Research involving animals at The University of Edinburgh is overseen by Bioresearch and Veterinary Services who provide advice and training on all areas related to the use of animals.

Research involving human participants or human tissue

Research invovling human participants and human tissue and/or data takes place in all 3 Colleges and must be reviewed by the relevant ethics department.

The Academic and Clinical Central Office for Research and Development (ACCORD) supports researchers and commercial companies throughout the UK and internationally to conduct their clinical research. ACCORD is a partnership between The University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian Health Board.

Publications, data and open access

Human Resources related policies

Financial policies

Social Responsibility & Sustainability policies


Academic Services holds University academic policies, regulations and guidance on postgraduate research assessment, thesis submission and information relevant during the period of study: