Researchers' responsibilities

Researchers' responsibilities relating to research integrity and ethics.

The University of Edinburgh has adopted the UK Research Integrity Office's (UKRIO) Code of Practice for Research and the Universities UK (UUK) Concordat to Support Research Integrity.

UK Research Integrity Office's (UKRIO) Code of Practice for Research

Universities UK (UUK) Concordat to Support Research Integrity

Your responsibilities as a researcher

We expect all research staff, including those visiting the University of Edinburgh to comply with and operate in accordance with the principles and practices set out in the UKRIO Code of Practice. 

UKRIO guidance notes and positions statement on good research practice 

Understanding key university policies and procedures

College specific policies and guidance

As a researcher, you should be aware of your College research integrity and ethics policies and procedures and where to find them. This will help you to approach your research with a better understanding of how to maximise the integrity of your research and how to engage with The University of Edinburgh's ethical frameworks and policies most effectively.

University-wide policies and guidance

University policies relating to the conduct of research

Including research involving animals, human participants or tissue, publications, data, HR, research students, finance and sustainability.

Funder policies and guidance

Funder policies and guidance on research integrity

Training and support resources

As a researcher, it is important to be informed of your responsibilities and of best practice in research. To help you do this, The University of Edinburgh offers a number of training and support resources.

Training and support resources relevant to research integrity and ethics

Advice and support contacts

The responsibility to uphold research ethics and promote integrity is shared between the institution and the individual. The University seeks to support researchers in being reflective and proactive about these issues.

Your College Ethics Leads and College Research Offices have specialist knowledge in this area and they are here to help you with issues or questions relating to research integrity, ethics or misconduct.

We strongly encourage you to seek advice and guidance from this support network right from the earliest point of research design.

Find your College ethics contacts

Research Misconduct

Learn what constitutes research misconduct

How to report research misconduct