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About the Programme

The Funded Research – Pathways to Academic Independence course is available to all staff at the University and is discipline-neutral, providing a set of learning modules that will support events led by Edinburgh Research Office and the activity we undertake in proposal development and improving the general skills base of academic researchers.   

This course, together with in-person events, writing retreats, and networking opportunities provides a foundation for funding success to help the new and aspiring investigator become a successful independent researcher. 




What you will learn

The modules have been designed to give anyone the basic knowledge on how to start applying for funding as a principal investigator or becoming a funded research fellow. We will also touch on complementary aspects of becoming an independent researcher and signpost to other great learning opportunities around the university from other departments that are designed to help you take the next steps in your academic research career. 

The modules: 

  1. Planning for Funding Success 

  1. A Professional Research Funding Strategy 

  1. The Funding Landscape and Funders 

  1. Bringing it all Together 

The first module of the course addresses a common challenge faced by researchers – time management and planning. Whether you're an academic or a technician, carving out time for planning often takes a backseat. This module seeks to change that narrative.  

Building upon the foundations of planning and writing, the second module introduces the concept of a "Professional Research Funding Strategy." Delve into this module with the understanding that your strategy is the compass that guides your research journey. Not only does this exercise shape a long-term perspective for your career, but it also hones your ability to articulate your goals effectively. Your skill in presenting your intentions becomes invaluable in engaging with potential funders.  

The third module, "Funding Landscape," illuminates the path toward securing funding that resonates with your research goals. Delve into funders' strategic plans, understand the nuances of their funding calls, and align your research with their priorities. This meticulous approach enhances your chances of securing funding that complements your vision.  

The fourth module serves as a bridge, connecting you to the research funding mechanics introduced in earlier segments. It provides insight into the intricacies of research funding, crucial for sustaining your scholarly journey.  

What is the expected time commitment for the course?  

The course is designed for researchers to be able to dip in and out of. The estimated length of time required to take the online course is about 6 hours. You may wish to break this up into bitesize chunks over time, or block off two half-days for the course. Because some activities are about reflection we would suggest not trying to complete the course in one sitting.