How we work with you

We look to work with you collaboratively throughout your project to provide guidance on all finance and post award matters

How your Research Grants Administrator will support you managing your project

  • Will monitor and review project expenditure at regular periods, providing reconciliation of spend and balance of budget reports to your local research support colleagues
  • Review expenditure is in line with budgets
  • Process indirects and Directly allocated costs in line with University policy
  • Maintains financial records on your project, in liaison with local school research support
  • Assist with forecasting, including managing for exchange rate fluctuations, for project planning
  • Is responsible for completing financial claims and invoices to funders
  • Prepares and submits Financial statements and reports
  • Assists with guidance on project reporting and other deliverables
  • Arrange grant audits in line with contractual requirements
  • Liaise with external auditors carrying out audit and assurance visits
  • Process changes in project data – extensions, suspensions, supplements, virements, and terminations.
  • Ensure timely allocation of income receipts to projects
  • Close project accounts on receipt of final payment


Research Grants Service Standards


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Researchers - What we ask you to do

  • Communicate any changes to projects - i.e. budget amendments, extension requests
  • Ensure appropriate funding in place before making staff extensions and arranging large expenditure on your project
  • Seek clarification with your Research Grants Administrator on eligibility of expenditure if seeking changes in use to awarded funding
  • Check staff time recording is kept up to date if required and timesheets are authorised regularly
  • Ensure travel expense claims are submitted in a timely manner and expenses fully covered by project
  • Be aware of timelines for project reports and deliverables
  • Liaise with local research support and Research Grants Administrator in preparation of financial statements
  • Check scientific reporting and project progress reports are submitted in line with reporting requirements
  • Be available where required for audit visits.


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